Trying to help my idiot friends learn how to cook: Shredded beef tacos PART I

One: Dredge your beef in flour, salt and chili powder. I chose rib eye round roast, I don’t care what you choose (you could swap beef for pork even). After you’ve evenly coated your meat you’ll need to stab it a lot. I tend to thrust my knife in about ten times. This will ensure quicker cooking, better juice flowage and stress relief.

Two: Prepare your dutch oven or whatever you have. Maybe you’re too poor for a dutch oven, if that’s the case you can use a stock pot, or if you’re real poor you can use a lid from a metal trash can over a fire pit. Put in olive oil, use common sense on how much to put in there. Get it real hot and place the meat inside. If it just slightly bubbles, you didn’t let the oil get hot enough, you’re dumb and need to work on your patience. If the meat sizzles and the oil kinda splatters, I applaud you.

Three: You’re going to need to brown the roast on ALL THE SIDES. So that means you need to, again, use common sense here and find ways to brown it all.

Four: Chop an onion. Put the onion in the pot with the meat. Soften the onions. When you move them around make sure to pick up the shit at the bottom of the pan, that shit has a lot of flavor and works best when lifted from the pan.

Five: Put a cup of chicken stock in with the meat/onions. I use my homemade chicken stock, you can use the shit from a box or can, this just means I’m better than you (if you want a tutorial on making chicken stock, let me know and I will do it). Let everything bubble for a little while then add the rest of your stock.

Six: Lower the heat to simmer, put in some garlic and onion powder, put the lid on and wait. Wait for it. This will take several hours. My meat is currently dripping with juices. I will update when it’s done.


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